Membership Benefits

Our activities are aimed at lowering the costs for members while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Members can expect the following benefits:

Help in cost cutting:

  • Joint development of efficient and affordable solutions to questions connected with
    • environmental protection
    • safety requirements
    • economic efficiency
  • Legal Tracking: I&P Europe actively accompanies developments in environmental and safety laws, labour protection, transport, storage, product safety etc.

→ Focus on core competencies and better management of resources inside companies

Support in compliance – facing new challenges in legislation:

  • Target-oriented gathering and presentation of industry-specific information
  • Support in the implementation of laws and regulations
  • More time for preparation, through early observation of legislative procedures and an active involvement in the debate with public authorities and other law-makers
  • Better understanding through joint discussions of legal requirements, their scope and limitations

Additional Services:

  • Information events on a wide range of subjects and issues
  • Cross-industry customer/authority communication, brochures
  • Access to the expert network of VCI (German Chemical Association)
  • Procurement cooperations
  • Day-to-day member services
  • Market Reports