„Assistance in Health, Safety & Environment Regulatory Compliance Issues“


    The association was founded in 1951 as the German photochemical industry association. The member's product portfolios consisted of photographic mixtures and processing solutions as well as of silver halides based photographic materials including films and papers and of printing plates. Due to the introduction of digital imaging and the resulting declining market for traditional analogue photographic products, a reorientation of the association was necessary.

    Since 2009 the association operates successfully as I&P Europe - Imaging and Printing Association, with a European orientation and a clear focus on Health, Safety and Environment regulatory compliance management. The number of member companies has increased to over 30, up from 15 member companies in 2009. This is a confirmation that the importance of Health, Safety and Environment Issues is steadily increasing. The product portfolio of the membership today consists of products such as inks, toners, pressroom chemicals, printing plates, photographic mixtures and films, and imaging and printing equipment.