„Assistance in Health, Safety & Environment Regulatory Compliance Issues“

    Welcome to I&P Europe

    animated product life cycleI&P Europe – Imaging and Printing Association is a European association of product manufacturers and technology providers for the imaging and printing industry. I&P Europe members’ products include conventional and digital materials and their processing solutions. The product portfolio of the membership includes in particular consumables such as inks for digital printing applications, toners, pressroom chemicals, printing plates, photographic mixtures and films as well as equipment products (e.g. printers, printing machines etc.).

    Our focus is on Compliance Management. In today’s business world regulatory compliance is an important factor for success. Business partners are more demanding in aspects of compliance, while markets are becoming increasingly discriminating. If regulatory requirements are not met in time, a company can lose sales, customers, and even entire markets.

    Recent new pieces of important legislation and rapid implementation cycles result in extremely high time and cost pressures for companies. I&P Europe assesses the impact of new and existing legislation on its members’ businesses and co-ordinates advocacy to defend the interests of the industry. This ensures the most efficient use of member companies’ resources and leverages all the expertise available.

    Joint monitoring and action on a wide range of issues enables cost saving and efficiency gains for member companies. Ultimately, all our activities are aimed at lowering the costs for members.