„Assistance in Health, Safety & Environment Regulatory Compliance Issues“

    Working structure

    The aim of I&P Europe is to contribute to a cost-effective compliance management within member companies. In order to achieve our mission, our working structure currently consists of four main elements:

    1. Mailing lists on identified topics of common interest
    2. Various implemented Issue Groups
    3. Access to the VCI expert network
    4. Annual I&P Europe Health, Safety & Environment meeting

    The basis of our work within the association is the joint monitoring and reporting on new developments. We have installed several mailing lists in order to monitor new developments. Every member can choose on what mailing lists they wish to be included. All members are always invited to propose topics of common interest.

    In order to deal with all the topics efficiently we have installed various Issue Groups on certain topics of interest. These Issue Groups are permanently monitoring new developments. They assess the impact of new and existing legislation on to the business of our members.

    I&P Europe is a member association of the VCI (German Chemical Industry Association). Through this we and member companies have access to the VCI expert network. Health, Safety & Environment issues are one key pillar of the VCI’s associations work. The VCI has experts available in many of the topics we are dealing with.

    Our annual I&P Europe Health, Safety & Environment meeting is aimed to contribute to I&P Europe’s overall mission and to the expressed preferences of our members. The meeting provides an opportunity to report on new developments on topics of common interest, to enable the exchange of experiences among members, to provide opportunity for networking and to identify and discuss how I&P Europe can provide support.