„Assistance in Health, Safety & Environment Regulatory Compliance Issues“

    Membership Benefits

    Do you consider it impossible to keep track of new and changing legislation in the Health, Safety & Environment field due to the increasing number of different types of legislation?

    Are you or your company struggling to meet your compliance obligations?

    If the answer to those questions is yes you have certainly come to the right place.

    I&P Europe’s overall mission is to provide a platform to jointly follow and tackle the upcoming challenges in the Health, Safety & Environment field.

    The joint monitoring and action on a wide range of issues enables cost saving and efficiency gains for member companies. Our association’s services aim to contribute to a cost-effective compliance management within member companies.

    In particular the membership in I&P Europe offers the following advantages and opportunities:

    Altogether, I&P Europe intends to provide the tools to enable member companies to identify their individual obligations which are determined by new and existing legislation, and, finally, contribute to lower the costs for member companies.